An Introduction

James_Perry1I am a postgraduate research student in Lancaster University’s history department and a Higher Education Academic Achievement Coach at Newcastle College. My doctoral thesis explores the composition and distribution of foreign-born communities in England and Wales during the period 1851 to 1911. This research utilises various forms of spatial and statistical analysis to identify new patterns of settlement and residency. Specifically, I am assessing the extent to which this group was integrated with, or segregated from the native-born population.

As a historian, I  hold broad temporal and thematic interests, including international migration, digital history, and modern British history. Much of my historical research involves the use of digital methods to study topics, places, and events, from both macro and micro levels. This website contains portions of my research, teaching materials, and data.

With regards to teaching, I have taught on and convened a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. In 2017, I became an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Currently, I deliver lectures, workshops, and one-on-one sessions for students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate study at Newcastle College.

You can contact me by email; or by twitter; @JamesAGPerry

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