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British LDS History

One of my research strands is British LDS History.

British Mission

In 1991, George Irving compiled information about British Mission Conferences, between the years 1877 to 1932. The annual reports for each conference were presented in his work in a series of tables revealing the number of branches, baptisms, emigrations, deaths, and the District President. From 1910 branches were no longer recorded, and from 1896 the number of missionaries was included.

British Mission Statistics

British Mission Statistics

Under the ‘Districts’ tab, you will find more information and maps of the ‘Conferences’ or ‘Districts’, as they were known as from 1927 (Millennial Star Vol. 89, No. 216, April 1927), alternatively click here.


On Friday 29 April 2016, I was invited to speak to the Oxford University LDS Student Association about some of my current LDS research. Below you will find the presentation and some brief notes that were presented. The presentation illustrated the power and value of investing time in historical research into the Church in Britain and was largely drawn from my work on Lancaster. I also presented information about the church in Oxford and the surrounding area and how a blended research methodology with strong digital elements can augment and facilitate more traditional approaches to LDS research.

Presentation; LDS History Research – Oxford

Notes; Researching the History of the LDS Church in the Digital Age


Having lived in Lancaster for a number of years, I was keen to research the history of the Church in that area and recover a lost heritage. Lancaster has a rich LDS heritage, but that is often lost in the attention heaped on Preston as being the original bedrock of British Mormonism. I recently completed a draft of the history of the LDS church in Lancaster, England. Click below to download the file.

A History of the Lancaster Congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

LDS Congregations in the South Conference – 1851 (SW England)

LDS Congregations in South West England 1851